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Helping other's, doesn't need to hurt. Once upon a time your body was not in pain.

Beginning my #massage therapy profession at the age of 19 years old in 1989, what an empowering gift, it is to assist others to feel and perform at a heightened awareness of overall health and performance. Using your upper extremities on a daily basis, takes it toll.

As a #IronMan #triathlete we cross train so we don't tax one body part too much and still train the other body parts to continue to gain performance without crashing and burning.

Do the same with your therapeutic practice, applying to become a Certified BodyWalker. ICT / Ischemic compression therapy and the weighted blanket therapy aspect is huge, especially in the #Autism community. Let it go.

You, the LMT and also the receiver understands the point where the client can do his/her work of going inside to that #stillpoint to do there own work. You are the certified BodyWalker. You assist with creating the space to heal.

#Recovery is key to our profession. It is what we preach. Practice that accelerated recovery with hands off BodyWalking as seen on #Sharktank.

Engage the healing process. Engage your healing business.

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